Faith & Industry present: Champagne Dub, John Johanna + Ursa Major Moving Group


Thursday, 29 Aug 2019 – Friday, 30 Aug 2019

19:30 – 01:00

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Delighted to announce Champagne Dub playing their first show of 2019 following the release of their debut album DROPS (Faith & Industry 2018).
An incredible collective of selected artists who come together to practice psychedelic dub rituals . The project was conceived by drummer and producer Betamax (the comet is coming, Soccer96) who makes a nod to a range of influences through Free-Improv, Psychedelic Post Punk, English Folk, Performance Art and 70s Dub. However the band also draws on the teachings of Zen Buddhist philosophy, to create sound without intention, to capture and dub the natural shape of subconscious intuitions. Bass player Ruth Goller (melt yourself down) applies her distinctive sonic
boom to the low end of the group. Sound artist Ed Briggs plays, home made synths, lasers bagpipe and real time chemical reactive circuity. Mr Noodles, the anonymous performance artist/vocalist cuts a dark figure on stage using many voices & shamanic percussion. Artist/magician Nahum Mantra plays Theremin.

John Johanna

Joining the bill the elated exalted dance of John Johanna, unique artist whose inspiration is drawn from borderless folkways, mystical scripture, psychedelia and gospel blues. Ahead of his End Of The Road festival show John Johanna and band play tracks from the second album Seven Metal Mountains (July 2019). Featuring Capitol K, Sami El-Enany, Karina Zakri.

Ursa Major Moving Group:
A new evolving sometimes swarming group of talents fronted by Ursula Russell. Gathering musicians from Snapped Ankles, Iko Cherie and Bas Jan, Ursa Major Moving Group present more work in progress.


FOLKLORE , 186 Hackney Rd , London