DC Presents: Kaputt / Sister Wives / People Here / Civic

Delicious Clam, Sheffield

Saturday, 31 Aug 2019

20:00 – 23:00

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KAPUTT are a 6 piece post-punk band from Glasgow who first came to our attention at the back end of 2017 (the first modern year of the sax TM.), with a twitchy, tooting, hook laden EP released by the majestic FUZZKILL RECORDS:


Stop-start, hypnotic rhythms drive them, and at heart it is a whole load of fun. Kaputt (I'm getting Semantic Satiation now) are due to release their debut album in September through the consistently brilliant Upset The Rhythm, and if THIS example is anything to go by, it will be a real treat:


They unfortunately had to miss Clamlines last year, so we're very happy to finally welcome them down.

Joining Kaputt are:

Sister Wives Band get better and better every time we see them. 4-piece-melodic-post-punk-psych-some-welsh-singing-brilliance from the people who brought you Nachthexen, Feature, Magpies and Zealous Doxy.

People Here
I'm terrible at describing music accurately (see above), so I'll paraphrase Now Then:
"Reverb heavy, ghost pop/post-ghost punk, but still warranting a 'pop' tag. Check it out here, people(!!!!!):


"CIVIC are fresh meat, one of those rare bands that formed perfectly whole and with true urgency. They gathered momentum immediately, playing every week at a different pub or house party across Australia and releasing a 12" and 7" in quick succession on Melbourne's Anti Fade label. Their recordings exhibit song-writing virtuosity that moves from tough glam, power pop and fall down drunk pub rock, a style that the ancients dubbed GUTTER ROCK, and their live show propels the energy of these songs with the precision and discipline of backstreet hardcore. A relentless work ethic has them front and centre in the roster of modern Melbourne's underground hustle, continuing the tradition of Australian rnr outlaws without any retro schtick. CIVIC is the real deal, the new generation of high voltage Australian rock n roll." - DX

Check out this EP it's a RIPPER

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Delicious Clam , 12 Exchange Street , Sheffield