Virgo vs Libra Season

CHUNK, Independent House, Leeds

Saturday, 21 Sep 2019 – Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

23:00 – 05:00

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Virgo vs Libra Season is an astrology-inspired clubnight soundtracked by emerging talent and led by the stars. Summer is drawing to a close; longer nights and the cold’s reprise bring with them a sense that all is to change once more. What better preparation is there than a helpful heart and meticulous eye? Our path to autumn winds and stretches, treacherous and tricky – this time, two signs will help us keep our balance. After all, it wouldn’t be fair for any one of us to go it alone. Earth and air will morph around us as we dance at Leeds rehearsal space and co-op venue Chunk – a temporary home we routinely make our own.


£5 + bf (limited advance tickets)
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♍️ Florentino ♍️

You stand alone, holding down the Virgo corner on this night – but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re at peace with being the one you rely on most, the one to take the first step and show others the way. So it went, when you started on this path to imbue reggaeton with romance in your productions and so it goes, when you take your party, Club Romantico, from city to city to showcase your culture and sound. Here you’re pitted against those born under Libra, but deep down you know the one who challenges you the most is yourself; that painstaking perfectionist streak can be wielded as a gift, as shown in your FACT mix. You’ve a keen eye for potential, bringing the best out of your collaborations with the likes of MC Bin Laden, Bad Gyal and Jam City. Tonight is for bringing out the best in you.

♎️ India Jordan ♎️

Libras are all about balance, so it’s no surprise the numbers stacked against Virgo may grind the gears of your scales a little here. But you know there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to striking harmony, plus you’ve always been the most accommodating presence in the room. Finding that harmony on the decks is something you do intuitively, and you’ve been doing it for years. Whether it’s ambient at New Atlantis, or fast-paced, big rave energy you’re dishing out, you’ve always got just the tune to charm the room. Repped by the symbol of the setting sun, your artistic eye catches glints of new horizons and so you find yourself having released one of the year’s hottest records in DNT STP MY LV - an EP as irresistible as the title commands. It’s only right that you should be here tonight.

♎️ Eruchie ♎️

You know the deal as well as anyone. You’ve thrown parties, done the radio shows and smashed it on deckle. It could be a noise techno, breaks and hardcore continuum concoction or it could be a potion of trap and RnB club edits – the shots are yours to call and the mixer is yours to work. With charm in one hand and elegance in the other, who better than yourself to beckon people to find their rhythm tonight?

♓️ Docterre & TAYSTII ♑️

Just how compatible are Pisces and Capricorn? You’ll need to make it work for the sake of the stars and all their witnesses, that’s for sure. This bond strengthens over time, and you two have covered for each other’s mixes and blends through thick and thin for years now. Cardinal Capricorn can confidently spark the ignition and it takes mutable, adaptive Pisces to switch between lanes. As long as you take care of each other with a little garage, bassline and funky here, a little pop, rap and footwork there, rounding out the party will come as second nature.


Please support CHUNK and Season by buying your drinks from the bar – drinks are super cheap, profit goes directly back into running the space and event.

People found bringing in their own drinks will be asked to dispose of them or leave them at the door.

Season aims to be an inclusive and positive club environment.

We will not stand for prejudiced behaviour including (but not restricted to) sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, classism and sizeism.

We would ask our guests to reject binaries, respect people’s boundaries and refrain from making assumptions about other guests. We expect our guests to share these ideals and practise them in their lives outside of the event too. We respect the rights of our guests to challenge behaviours which cause themselves or others discomfort.

If you have any issues on the night, please contact the organisers (Harvey, Helena, or Tayyab) and we will work together to seek a solution. This message will be postered up around the venue with pictures of the organisers to help you recognise us. Additionally, you can ask the bouncer, door volunteers or another partygoer to find one of us for you.

By attending Virgo vs Libra Season, you agree to act in accordance to this policy at the night and in our spaces. People who do not adhere to these guidelines may be asked to leave the party.

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If you have any feedback or queries, you’re welcome to send an email to us at

Please note that CHUNK unfortunately does not have step-free access. There are two gender-neutral toilets inside CHUNK and one gender-neutral portaloo is provided outside.
Further information on accessibility for Season at CHUNK is available at


CHUNK, Independent House , 275 Meanwood Road , Leeds