Hivemind: Free Movement Skateboarding Fundraiser

The Bees Mouth, Hove

Sunday, 15 Sep 2019

19:00 – 23:00

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We'll be raising funds for Free Movement Skateboarding, an Athens based charity who run skateboarding workshops for refugees. Their ethos is centred on empowerment, community and wellbeing, with a strong focus on gender inclusivity within skateboarding.

"Western skateboarding has long been a male-dominated activity, but we work to address this imbalance in the refugee community, where these gendered preconceptions are not so strong."

For more on FMS --->


Akiko Haruna (live)

Akiko's background in audiovisual design and dance inform her "fluid, unstable and always shifting" sound. Her latest release 'Delusions' showcased an "abrasive dissonance and dreamlike beauty", which combine with a delicate precision and a keen eye for detail to build a space which is vivid, intense and other-worldly.

qgb (live)

‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’

Present Tense head honcho qgb serves up the sweet, sweet nectar for ur consumption.

Vivid improvised explorations in procedural audio pulled by the will of the hivemind. Expect treacherous rhythms, noisy soundscapes and fluttering melodies.

‘It might be good’

Caldera (live)

Gardenn and Riviera Club member Caldera takes "the techno mould, deconstructs it and reimagines it". His music is a playful adventure into mysterious, bizarre and surreal spaces - we can't wait to see where his live set takes us.

Elliott Hills (DJ)

1/4 of Gardenn bringing a set of abstract Footwork Jams and Deep Jungle workouts...

+ residents


The Bees Mouth , 10 Western Rd, Hove , Hove