Acts of Quiet Resistance

121 Eyre St (Foodhall), Sheffield

Saturday, 5 Oct 2019

18:30 – 22:00

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Acts Of Quiet Resistance
(Ian Nesbitt + Michael Ransley / 2019 / 70 mins)

Michael lives and travels in a horsedrawn wagon. As the film begins, we find him preparing to cross the channel into France following a whim to swim his horse in the Mediterranean, then turning back six months later to buy a pair of boots at a horse fair in the Cotswolds. As Michael himself says, he spends his entire life travelling, without ever leaving home.

Filmmaker Ian Nesbitt spends a calendar year visiting him periodically on his version of pilgrimage. The result is a sparing road movie tracing Michael's transient and timeless existence on the peripheries of modern life.

Acts Of Quiet Resistance is a documentary steeped in the slow cinema tradition. Five years in the making, it continues a thread in Ian's work of collaboratively made films, blurring the line between subject and filmmaker.

“ For fans of Shirley Collins, Richard Linklater, campfires and Robert Bresson, but this film is so beautifully sideways it sweeps away comparisons really.” Chiz Williams, Cube Microplex

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The documentary about Norman Anderson's art will also be shown, following his special week long exhibition at Foodhall. Tasty food will be served from 6.30.

Norman's exhibition:


121 Eyre St (Foodhall) , 121 Eyre St , Sheffield