Ganglions 7" Launch Party

Delicious Clam, Sheffield

Saturday, 23 Nov 2019

20:00 – 23:00

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Ganglions are coming out of our cage and we've been doing JUST FINE.

This is a gig to celebrate Ganglions launching a new 7" lathe-cut double A side on Do It Thissen Records, and finally being cool enough to play at The Delicious Clam.

Math pop trio reknowned for noodley riffs, huge hooks and wholesome harmonies. 66.6% guaranteed Irish but currently based between Sheffield and London, a distance of 170km between band members mean that live shows are currently few and far between.

Pre-order link for 7" -

Jeff are a bedroom punk/fuzz/pop duet from London. Low-fi online and really loud live, we're super glad that Charlie and Hannah could make it back to Sheffield again after wowing us on their recent tour with Cat Apostrophe.

Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy all live in the same cupboard in Brighton and they've been let out to play some sparkly mid-west emo punk songs. Please don't feed them digestive biscuits whilst they perform.



Delicious Clam , 12 Exchange Street , Sheffield