Delicious Clam's Christmas Party

Delicious Clam, Sheffield

Saturday, 14 Dec 2019 – Sunday, 15 Dec 2019

19:30 – 01:00


Delicious Clam's Christmas Party £6.00 + £1.10 fee

Display vintage awkward family christmas creepy santa

Yo ho ho! We’re throwing a Christmas party with four great Clam bands. There’ll also be a Christmas raffle with loads of great prizes to be won.

All the money raised will go to Sheffield charity HARC (Homeless and Rootless at Christmas).

Thumbuster - jagged, sinewy college-rock, full of noodley guitar lines, shout along choruses, and addictive hooks.
FFO: Cap’n Jazz, Nai Harvest, Shakin' Stevens

Thee Mightees - Jingly jangly, C86 inspired rock and roll.
FFO: The Pastels, Jonathan Richman, VU, Wham

Precious Metals - Joyous, surf-tinged indiepop with a debut release coming soon.
FFO: Stereolab, Frankie Cosmos, Girl Ray, Wizard

Buzz Lightyear - weed laden riffs and doom inspired breakdowns.
FFO: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Cliff Richard


Delicious Clam , 12 Exchange Street , Sheffield