The Greatest Ever Yorkshire ShowOff 2020

Walkley Community Centre, Sheffield

Saturday, 1 Feb 2020

19:00 – 23:00

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The Greatest Ever Yorkshire Show-Off, the annual (lack of) talent contest is back for its fifth instalment featuring ...
A new and improved name (to avoid being sued)...
The return of the Balkan Bandits...
An indeterminate number of other fantastic showoffs including a hula hooper and inaugural winner Stuart Faulkner who previously regailed us with his Stupot Teapot act. What will he think of next?
The wonderful Mr Maynard Flip Flap compering...
And extra special guest all the way from Bradford, the one and only Captain Hotknives!

Please note. No farm animals will be bought, sold, sired, inseminated or intrusively inspected as part of this event. If this is your thing, please go to a completely different show with a completely different name in a completely different part of Yorkshire. Don't forget your turkey baster.


Walkley Community Centre , 7A Fir Street , Sheffield