Supernatural: New Concept Event

UNIT 58, London

Saturday, 29 Feb 2020 – Sunday, 1 Mar 2020

21:00 – 05:00

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A concept experiential night time event with focus on the natural power and healing quality of frequencies: Sound and light orchestrated and interwoven with live features of natural resonace to evoke an experience like no other.

An immersive experience designed with detail to allow you to shed stress, release, express and wake up the next morning feeling ultimately elevated.

Live and surprise elements throughout, onsite holistic therapists and a giant crystal grid installation by crystal experts at Apothecrystal.


A Gong bath is a form of sound therapy where the gong and other instruments are played therapeuticly to bring relaxation and healing. The term bath literally means that you are bathed in sound waves!
It is a simple yet profound way to connect with the core of our being and tune our body at the cellular level through the gentleness of its resonance.
It requires nothing but for you to be open and enjoy, it has to be experienced to be completely understood! When the Gong is played, the sound vibrations quiet the mind, allowing stress relief in the whole body and beyond.
The intention is to bring the body to its natural state of balance and harmony, with an ultimate aim to expand consciousness to a higher and Altered State. Expertly performed by Martina

◇ FLUOELF, ES (Special Techno set) - Intermind Records

Highly skilled in the mix, Fluoelf will be transitioning between the resonance of the Gong Bath into a Tribal inspired deep Techno set. His music is a blend of the more underground styles, with rich and rare depths, expertly researched evolving a hypnotic flow with a very unique style.

◇ SIMON HAYES, SA (Live - London Debut) - Twisted Frequencies

Wholesome draws of inspiration through natures ambience & divine landscapes, combining forces with the mechanical hypnotic vibrations.
Simon introduces a wide variety of sound from the inside of his headspace, with soothing harmony, captivating presence & seriously chunky bass.

◇ MNGRM, PT (2hr Special Live Set - London Debut) - Techgnosis Records

Progressive deep bass lines, emotional atmospheres and infectious grooves full of energy and strength. MNGRM are top of their game in the Techno/Dark Prog worlds. Join their London debut after reaching dancers Worldwide at Boom Festival, Masters Of Puppets, SUTI Festival, Lost Theory Festival and Zna Gathering. Making us dance without borders... NOT TO BE MISSED!

◇YUGA, UK (Special 130 - 150 BPM set) - Post Modern Music

Captivating the dance floor with ritualistic journeying through deep groove YUGA will take the dancefloor one step further playing a unique blend of Dark and Forest. Intoxicanting basslines with deep melody and otherwordly atmospherics. YUGA will unleash slightly higher BPMs to encourage deeper hedonistic release, peaking at 150 and plateuing into our special live finishing act.


- Licensed Warehouse Venue -
- Techno & Dark Prog -
- Gong bath to open -
- Special Guest Therapists Onsite -
- Crystal Installation -
- Reiki Infusion -
- Funktion One (Serious) Sound System -
- Spectrum Lighting -
- Live Visuals -

Come as you are, open your Hz, be ready to dance.

GONG BATH 9:30pm - 10pm
FREQ-OUT 10pm - 5am

The rest TBA...


UNIT 58 , Unit 58 Millmead Industrial Estate, Mill Mead Rd , London