Act One 'Ou Topos' Album launch - Psychedelic Madness

The Mash House, Edinburgh, Midlothian

Saturday, 22 Feb 2020 – Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

23:00 – 03:00

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“I mean the guy’s hair makes Robert Plant look like a guy wearing a wet noodle poodle. Plus he owns a double bass, loves tropical shirts and says ‘wicked’ unironically. See to produce psytrance you need either the aforementioned - or talent - and Act One’s got both.”
Jack’s Mom, 2011

On some measures a feature album symbolises an artist’s coming of age: a body of works that encapsulate a complex, artistic contention - a study of one’s inner forces explored through sound.
To achieve this is no small challenge, particularly in the field of electronic music. More often than not, the incentive to write an album is overshadowed by the pragmatic benefits of publishing one’s work through singles or EP’s. Yet, the beckoning of creative work is often strong, and while to create is to provide something which previously was not there, it also to learn through the very process of it: a crucial channel of growth for any self-respecting musician.
We are more than excited to invite you to join us on an exceptionally special occasion, the launching of Act One’s first full-length album release, Ou-Topos. Combining the Greek words ‘ou’, not, no; and ‘topos’, place, Ou-Topos (or no-place) is better known in modern vernacular as Utopia - a perfect world; idealistic and all too often described as fictional. Whether we discover a fictional, unattainable world which Ou-Topos merely reflects - or whether Ou-Topos is a piece of that very world - is up to you to listen to.

Act One will be supported by his close friends from Psychedelic Madness and Shiva Sonic, Phlegethon and Trypnautic with sets tailor made to complement Ou-Topo’s rich grooves. Join us to a unique and refined take on psychedelic trance unlike Edinburgh has ever seen.

Mash House II is an intimate venue so this event is limited capacity. Tickets available pre-sale, subject to availability.

tickets available soon with the booking fee being donated to charity.

Sound provided by the womp and stomp sound system


The Mash House , 37 Guthrie Street , Edinburgh, Midlothian