Umbilical Chords #5

Secret Location, London

Saturday, 22 Feb 2020 – Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

14:00 – 04:00

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From the moment we first heard the Umbilical Chords vibrating in harmony with the mystic frequency of the universe, we have understood the importance of invoking their nourishing powers of togetherness through communal rituals.

The Umbilical Chords Collective have been in a prolonged state of chrysalis since connecting with Coop Audio in the summer. Deeply inspired by the interactions and experiences from the Coop Weekender we entered a cocoon-state; melting into our constituent parts to emerge transformed and refreshed.

UC #5 is the first product of this metamorphosis. We invite you to join us for an afternoon of inter-mutual activities in a beautiful listed building deep in South East London. The event begins with a series of workshops promoting mutual learning, followed by a free communal meal, a film screening and live music. For those who feel like staying on later we will also have DJs playing into the night.

More event details to come...

Please be aware that trains from this location stop before midnight and Uber can occasionally be difficult about picking up from the venue post-midnight - so just bear this in mind when planning your night.

Stay womby x


Secret Location , London